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Established in 1968, EAH Housing is a nonprofit corporation founded with the belief that attractive affordable housing is the basis to sustainable, living communities. A proud, equal opportunity housing provider, we have become one of the largest and most respected housing development and management organizations in the western United States. With a staff of over 450, EAH Housing develops low-income housing, manages over 100 properties, and plays a leadership role in local, regional, and national housing advocacy efforts.

EAH Housing operates older adult properties in California and Hawaii, utilizing aging in-place practices specially tailored to individual needs and choices. Combining award-winning design, innovative on-site services, and a commitment to people, EAH reflects the distinctive personality of each community.  EAH’s affordable housing allows older adults to be independent and remain close to family and the community. It also offers a culturally sensitive system of social and healthy lifestyle activities tailored to the individual, empowering older adults with the opportunity for independence, integrity, and dignity.

Finding affordable senior housing has never been easier. Thousands of seniors, as well as families, students, people with disabilities, frail elderly, and the formerly homeless have been happy to find out that there is a nonprofit corporation that is working for them.

When it comes to finding a quality place to live, EAH Housing is a company you can trust.

Seniors have been happy to find out that there is a non profit that is working for them. Finding affordable rental communities have never been easier. When it comes to finding a quality place to live there is a company you can trust.

EAH Housing Senior Housing

Being a public guardian and helping people is what EAH is about and by having them in your corner you can live a nice  comfortable life without being taken advantage of.

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