Affordable Housing Opportunities in California and Hawaii

In 1968, a group of concerned citizens came together with the intention to bring about social change through the creation of affordable housing opportunities that would be available to people regardless of income or ethnic background. Since then, EAH Housing has become one of the largest and most respected non-profit housing development and management organizations in the western United States, serving over 20,000 seniors, families, students, people with disabilities, and the formerly homeless. EAH manages over 100 properties in 50 municipalities in California and Hawaii, and plays a leadership role in local, regional, and national housing advocacy efforts.

EAH Housing is committed to providing affordable housing opportunities in California and Hawaii. Over the last five decades of developing and managing communities for low income and formerly homeless families, seniors and people with disabilities, EAH has always found that residents are able to maintain a stable home and their overall wellbeing when the community includes supportive services. EAH thus partners with experienced service providers who understand each community’s needs and offer everything from addiction counseling and healthy food programs to financial literacy and job training to residents.

EAH Housing is working to be a part of the solution to ending homelessness by providing affordable housing opportunities in Hawaii and California. Our goal is to create secure communities where residents can thrive.
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