Affordable Housing Options in California and Hawaii

EAH affordable housing options offers a culturally sensitive system of social and healthy lifestyle choices, empowering older adults and the formerly homeless with the opportunity for independence, integrity, and dignity. Our non-profit organization provides affordable housing options in California and Hawaii, utilizing aging-in-place practices tailored to individual needs. After 50 years of developing and managing communities for low income and formerly homeless families, seniors, and people with disabilities, EAH has found that residents are able to maintain a stable home and their overall wellbeing when the community includes supportive services.

The following are examples of affordable housing options which help to illustrate EAH’s experience and success in partnering with government and community providers to offer on-site support to its residents:

  • Mackey Terrace in Novato, CA is a community with 50 apartments that was created to respond to the needs of very low-income, frail, or disabled elders, helping them regain and maintain their independence and quality of life. Community services include at-home health care, delivered meals, social and financial resources, public benefit programs, and transportation.


  • West Loch Elderly Village in Honolulu, HI has an on-site Resident Services Coordinator that addresses residents’ needs and coordinates services and programs offered by government and local service providers. It is also part of the Lanakila Meals on Wheels Program, which provides daily meals and hosts activities, classes, and seminars.

The aim of EAH is to be a part of the solution to ending homelessness and the lack of affordable housing options in Hawaii and California.

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