EAH Housing San Jose

EAH Housing San Jose
Did you know there are 16 EAH Housing developments in San Jose CA? The Bay Area is one of the most expensive places in the world, and EAH continues to work to provide affordable housing for low income families, veterans, seniors, and disabled persons. One of these developments is Parkview Family Apartments, a community of 1-4 bedroom apartment homes that reside in a park-like setting with green lawns and tree-lined parkways.

The Parkview Family Apartments is a centrally located EAH Housing Community in San Jose CA. It’s next to Midtown Shopping Center, with a grocery store, bank, pharmacy, and restaurants. From the development there is easy access to public transportation. This central location and proximity to public transport is especially important for residents without a vehicle, or whom share a vehicle among adults.

In addition to its central location, the Parkview Family Apartments have community features that many EAH Housing developments have in San Jose CA. EAH builds or adapts complexes not just for basic habitation but for community living. For example, the computer learning center is an important component not just in Parkview, but Elena Gardens, Taylor Oaks, Markham Plaza I and II, Vista Park I, and Vista Park II. Many of these communities have an on-site instructor and complimentary classes for residents. Parkview also has a community room, which is an essential communal feature in many of EAH’s developments such as the clubhouses at Pollard Plaza and Cornerstone at Japantown.

Parkview Family Apartments is one of many EAH housing communities in the Bay Area. Each is specifically tailored to provide housing for underserved segments of the population. Parkview is geared towards family, with amenities like a “Tot Lot” for kiddos and laundry facilities. Other family orientated EAH developments also have recreational activities for kids and on site laundry, such as Don de Dios, Delmas Park, and Lenzen Square.

Parkview’s neighbor Parkview Senior Apartments is specifically adapted for seniors. The two communities often share on-site engagements like BBQs and holiday parties. There are several senior EAH housing options in San Jose, from Palm Court to Buena Vista Midtown. Other projects, such as Art Ark Apartments, have a different focus. Over a third of residents at Art Ark are artists and the property has a large on-site gallery and an artist-in-residence who teaches art classes and coordinates gallery shows. Did we miss any of the EAH developments in San Jose? Market Gateway! Click here to read all about that one.