EAH Housing Affordable Housing Avena Bella Turlock

EAH Housing Affordable Housing Avena Bella Turlock is here today

EAH Housing Affordable Housing Avena Bella TurlockEAH Housing affordable housing in Turlock can be found at the Avena Bella housing complex, a Mediterranean-style, sustainably-built apartment complex lauded by its residents and community leaders alike for providing a safe and family-friendly atmosphere.

The complex was built with sustainability in mind, including LEED GreenPoint certification, solar power, energy-efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling, and a continuously running energy recovery ventilation system that brings in fresh, filtered outside air from the nearby highway. It features amenities such as a community center, technology lounge, and swimming pool. Additionally, the community features generous amounts of open space, including a large central grass field and play area, with strategically placed trees to help provide shade in indoor and outdoor spaces. The storm water retention system captures all the rainwater on site, helping water the landscaping at Avena Bella in Turlock, which features all California native plants. Among numerous accolades, it has received the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Award of Excellence in the Residential category for providing sustainable EAH Housing affordable housing in Turlock.

Since 1968 we have been dedicated to turning around the housing crisis in our country with EAH affordable housing options, serving over 20,000 seniors, families, students, people with disabilities, and the formerly homeless. Our goal is to address the whole person, partnering with outside social service agencies to provide on-site services that promote healthy, productive lives.