Willow Housing Menlo Park

Willow Housing Menlo ParkWillow Housing in Menlo Park is a new residential development, located at the edge of the Veteran’s Administration campus, which brings life-changing opportunities for dozens of veterans in the Bay Area who are seeking housing and assistance. With sixty high-quality, accessible units in the complex and a supportive environment specifically developed for the needs of veterans, there’s no better opportunity for affordable housing for veterans in Menlo Park.


Developed by Core Affordable Housing in partnership with EAH Housing and HomeFirst, Willow Housing in Menlo Park is representative of the VA’s ongoing commitment to help end veteran homelessness, support at-risk veterans, and allow the residents to receive the care they deserve in the process. The idea is that the presence of permanent, consistently affordable housing will provide the stability necessary to help these veterans thrive in their health, well being, and everyday lives. It also enables the veterans to live close to the essential services they depend on.


EAH Housing is so proud to have been a part of the incredible Willow Housing project and hope to help serve those who have served us, along with their families, by continuing to tirelessly support affordable housing for veterans in Menlo Park. At EAH, we believe that making high-quality affordable housing available can have a direct effect on the quality and richness of all our lives!