Ecumenical Housing Associates Affordable Housing

Starting from humble origins as a community-based, grass-roots efforts in response to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., EAH was founded in 1968 to address the needs of low-income families and older adults living inĀ Marin County, California. Representatives of many religious, as well as civic organizations, played key roles in founding EAH Housing, which was originally named the Ecumenical Association for Housing. Many of those initial representatives helped to create housing by donating land for affordable developments, while others welcomed low-income people to the community by working to bring affordable housing into their own neighborhoods. Ecumenical Housing Associates Affordable Housing has since had a tremendous record of success. The non-profit organization has grown to a staff of more than 450 people, managing over 100 affordable housing properties in 50 municipalities in California and Hawaii with a budget of over $95 million.

Since its inception, the vision of EAH Housing is of creating balanced communities comprised of people of many income levels, educational backgrounds, job skills, religions, and races. In 2018, EAH will celebrate 50 years of dedication to social justice in creating affordable rental housing on behalf of working families, older adults, and the many people that comprise the unique fabric of our community today.


Ecumenical Housing Associates Affordable Housing Ecumenical Housing Associates