Premier Affordable Housing Provider in California

EAH Housing Corp is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to making affordable, attractive housing opportunities available for people in all stages of life. Since being established in 1968, EAH Housing has grown to become one of the largest and most well-respected nonprofit housing and management organizations in all of the western USA. We are committed to maintaining the current supply of affordable rental housing and using them to enhance the quality and richness of lives in the community. Our dedication to people, combined with the award-winning design and innovative on-sight services, is what makes us the premier affordable housing provider in California.


EAH Housing Corp knows that the cornerstone to attaining sustainable, living communities is to ensure that people of all income levels, educational backgrounds, job skills, races, and religions are able to easily access appropriate housing without being separated by area. Whether you are a veteran, person with a disability, student, senior, or working family member, EAH has got you covered. In addition to our management services, we also strive to build communities that enhance the surrounding neighborhoods, making for stronger foundations and a better world. Call us today or visit our website to learn more about us, what we’ve done, and what we can do for you!


Premier Affordable Housing Provider in California  EAH Housing Provider in California